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Weight Management

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Stumped about how to get a handle on managing your weight? Consider starting with these 10 steps recommended by Dr. May:

1. Let go of the idea that there is a perfect diet that will finally solve your problems.  The answer lies within you.

2. Whenever you have an urge to eat, instead of focusing on the food, first ask yourself, “Am I hungry?”  Remember that hunger is a physical feeling.

3. If you are hungry, try to make the best possible choice to satisfy your body and your soul.  Learning about nutrition and keeping tasty, healthy food on hand makes this step easier.

4. Remember that there are no “good” or “bad” foods.  You are less likely to over-eat certain foods if you know that you can have them again.

5. Stop eating when hunger is gone but before you feel full, even if there is food left.

6. If you are not hungry, ask yourself what else might have triggered your urge to eat.  Was there another physical, environmental, or emotional trigger?

7. If it was an environmental trigger, such as mealtime or a tempting food item, ask yourself what you could do to control or distract yourself from the trigger.  For instance, could you do something else until you are actually hungry or could you put the candy dish out of sight?

8. If it was an emotional trigger, ask yourself what you could do to better cope with that emotion.  For instance, if stress triggered your urge to eat, could you try a relaxation exercise?  If you feel sad or angry, could you write in your journal or talk to someone?  You will feel better when you meet your true needs.

9. Live an active lifestyle and exercise regularly to feel great, boost your metabolism, and live a longer, healthier life.

10. Don’t expect to be perfect.  Learning new skills takes time and practice.

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Weight Management

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