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Please select from the following list of frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your specific inquiry, please contact our office at (405)579-4111

  1. Does your clinic do psychological testing?
  2. Does your clinic see adolescents?
  3. How do I get my medical records?
  4. How do I get a prescription refill?
  5. Is my insurance accepted?
  6. What are the costs of services?
  7. What are your hours of operation?
  8. How can I contact your office?
  9. I'm having a crisis/emergency: what do I do?

Does your clinic do psychological testing?

Our clinic specializes in treating specific psychiatric disorders. We do not provide psychological testing at this time. Testing for disorders, such as ADHD, is a very lengthy processes; we usually refer patients to local psychologists or testing centers. However, after testing is complete, we will review the results with you and develop an appropriate treatment plan. This plan may include medication management.

Does your clinic see adolescents? 

We treat patients 13 years and older.

How do I get my medical records?

The Behavioral Health Care medical record laws are strict about releasing mental health records. Provided that a medical release has been signed, we will send records to requesting clinicians. Records will never be released without your signed consent. However, records subpoenaed by a judge must be automatically sent to the court system.

How do I get a prescription refill?

  • All refill requests should be handled through your pharmacy.
  • Please have your pharmacy fax a refill request to our office at (405) 579-4223.
  • Allow at least 3 days to process prescription renewals and/or pick-up requests.
  • Sometimes requests are filled sooner than this.
  • You are responsible for knowing when your medication will run out.
  • Please account for the time it takes for our providers to authorize your request.
  • Prescriptions require a scheduled follow-up appointment before we will refill.
  • Count your pills and make sure you have enough to last until your next visit.
  • No refills will be authorized if there is a history of missed appointments.
  • No controlled prescriptions will be replaced if lost, stolen, misplaced, or overused.
  • No prescriptions will be refilled on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.
  • Prescription phone-in/pick-up times: Monday-Thursday, 9:00am-5:00pm.
  • Prescriptions will not be filled for unauthorized walk-in patients.
  • A signed “Controlled-Substance Policy” is required for narcotic/controlled medications.
  • New symptoms require an appointment. Providers will not diagnose via phone.
  • Medications are for the use of the prescribed individual only. It is illegal to share or sell your medicine.
  • You must pick up your prescription in person unless pre-authorized by our staff.
  • We will not refill SUBOXONE® early under any circumstance.

Our practice takes the controlled substance policy very seriously. When the physician-patient relationship is strained, providers may continue service but cease prescribing controlled substances. In severe cases, services may be immediately terminated. This decision is at the discretion of the provider.  Common reasons for termination include, but are not limited to, repeated non-adherence to treatment recommendations, drug-seeking behavior, and abusive behavior toward staff, physicians, or other patients.

Is my insurance accepted?

Our providers are currently accepting the following insurances:

Dr. Joseph M. Ripperger, MD
Blue Cross Blue Shield (all forms except Blue Lincs)
Government Employees Health Association
Norman Physician Hospital Organization
Oklahoma Health Network

Amy Boggs, APRN-CNP & Mary Carey, APRN-CNS, PhD
Blue Cross Blue Shield (all forms except Blue Lincs)
Health Choice

What are the costs of services?

To ensure that we provide you with the best possible care, we need your clear understanding regarding our financial policies. To assist you with questions regarding patient and insurance responsibilities for services rendered, our financial policies are described below:  

  • A copy of your insurance card is required before your visit. If you do not have insurance, or do not have a current insurance card, please call the office before your appointment. If you do not call beforehand, or arrive without insurance, payment, or an insurance card, the full amount of your session will be due at the time of your appointment. There is also a chance you might have to re-schedule your appointment.  

  • We bill your insurance as a courtesy. If insurance has not paid within 90 days, we reserve the right to request payment in full for services from you, and then let you collect the insurance funds that are due.  

  • It is your responsibility to call your insurance company to determine if/how we participate with your plan. Not doing so could result in all costs acquired becoming your responsibility if it turns out that we are out-of-network with your plan.  

  • Your insurance co-pay (if applicable to your plan) and/or unmet deductible will be collected at the time of service. Please note that this is required by your insurance company. We are required to collect your co-pay at the time of service.  

  • If you do not know if you have co-pay, or are uncertain of the amount, please call your insurance company before you arrive for your appointment. A phone number is located on your insurance card. Our office is considered a “specialist” office, which may affect the amount of your co-pay.  

  • If your plan requires pre-authorization, it is your responsibility to contact your primary care physician for this prior to your appointment. If you are uncertain if a pre-authorization is needed, please contact your insurance company. Not doing so may result in your insurance company rejecting the claim, and all costs incurred will become your responsibility.  

  • It is your responsibility to be aware of your insurance policy guidelines, regulations, and payment policies, as some services we offer may not be a covered in-network benefit under your specific plan. Please be aware that our office has no control over what your insurance company may or may not cover.  

  • Co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, etc, are costs that originate from your insurance company. It is important that you recognize insurance is a legal contract between you and your insurance company.  

  • You are ultimately responsible for all charges incurred at our office for your care.  

  • Please note that insurance companies do not pay for missed appointments. We reserve the right to charge for all missed appointments or cancellations without 24 hour’s notice. This charge is at the discretion of your provider, but could be as high as the full amount of the missed visit. You will be responsible for this charge. 

  • Be vigilant about paying your balance. Accounts not settled within 90 days may be considered for further collection action.

  • We accept personal checks, money orders, debit, Visa, and MasterCard. You will be responsible for all charges of checks returned for insufficient funds.

Dr. Joseph M. Ripperger, MD
Initial evaluation: $225-$250, depending upon length of visit
50-minute psychotherapy: $175 (with medication management)
25-minute psychotherapy: $110 (with medication management)
Medication management session: $80
One-time Psychiatric Evaluation: $330 (Payment required in full at time of visit)
SUBOXONE® Initial evaluation: $330 (Payment required in full before scheduling first appointment) SUBOXONE® treatment requires weekly psychotherapy and frequent medication management sessions.

Amy Boggs, APRN-CNP
Initial evaluation: $200
50-minute psychotherapy: $170 (with medication management)
25-minute psychotherapy: $140 (with medication management)
Medication management session: $80                        

Mary Carey, APRN-CNS, PhD
Initial evaluation: $200
50-minute psychotherapy: $170 (with medication management)
25-minute psychotherapy:  $140 (with medication management)
Medication management session:  $80

Brooke Braziel LPC, Shannon Dukes, LPC, & Rock Richardson, LPC, LDAC
Initial evaluation:  $150
50-minute psychotherapy:  $130
30-minute psychotherapy:  $

What are your hours of operation?

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday, 8:00am-5:00pm
We do not answer phones calls during lunch, 12:00pm-1:00pm

How can I contact your office?

Norman Psychiatry
2201 Westpark Drive
Norman, OK 73069

Office: (405) 579-4111
Fax: (405) 579-4223

I'm having a crisis/emergency: what do I do?

You can always call our office; we are here to help. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday from 9:00am-5:00pm, excluding holidays. We don't answer phones during lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm. Depending on the severity of the crisis, we might direct you to the emergency room. If you have an urgent problem requiring attention after hours, you may contact our psychiatrist on call. This number changes on a monthly basis, so call our office at (405)579-4111 and the number for the on-call psychiatrist will be provided on our voice menu. Prescription refills are NOT considered an urgent problem.

Suicide Hotlines:
1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433 )
1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

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